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Research Grants

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As a measure of continuous support for research activities of the members, the NAS Research Foundation provides selected researchers with research grants every year. A total of 17 research projects are carried out annually-11 projects, one each from 11 Sections, 2 projects, one each from 2 Divisions, 2 projects for the Academic Research Seminar, and 2 projects for the Policy Research Seminar. Each project is funded by a grant of a fixed amount. Results or findings of these projects are presented at the Academic Research Section Seminar and the Policy Research Seminar. They are also published in the Journal of the NAS and distributed to domestic and overseas academic organizations. Findings of Policy Research projects are sent to relevant ministries of the Government for their reference and utilization.

In accordance with the NAS policy of active participation in international academic reseach projects, international academic research activities of NAS members are financially supported, starting 2010.