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Basic Infomation
Basic Infomation
Name Chung, Chin Hong

of Term
1999-07-09 ~
Specialty Religion (Phenomenology of Religion)
Degrees & Career
Degrees & Career
1960 Graduated from Seoul National University (B.A.)
1960-1965 Graduate School, Seoul National University(M.A.)
1965-1969 Instructor, Seoul Women's College and Ewha Womans University
1969-1971 United Theological Seminary, U.S.A. (STM)
1972-1981 Instructor, Seoul National University
1977-1978 Assistant Professor, Duksung Women's University
1978-1980 President, Korean Association of Religious Studies
1978-1982 Associate Professor, Dean of Academic Affairs, Myong Ji University
1979-1981 San Francisco Theological Seminary, U.S.A. (D.Min)
1982-2003 Professor, Seoul National University
1991-1994 Director, Institute of Religion and Culture, Seoul National University
1992-1994 President, Korean Association for the History of Religion
2003-2008 Distinguished Professor, Hallym Academy of Sciences, Hallym University
2008-2011 Distinguished Professor, Ewha Academy for Advanced Studies, Ehwa Womans University
2011-Present Distinguished Professor, Ulsan University
Major Articles
Major Articles
2007 Trust In Religion and In-between Religions: A Theoretical Approach' in Toward a Thrust society, ed by Kim Ji Hee. Sowha. pp.154-189
2009 Several Ideas on Death Rituals' in The Critical Review of Religion and Culture, Vol. 16 September, pp.13-21
2010 Death as Life' in The End of Life: Beyond the Discourse of Euthanasia, Asan Foundation, pp.13-45
2011 Some Preliminary Remarks for the Study of Korean Religious Culture' in Journal of Korean Religions, Vol. 2, pp.1-15
2011 Continuity and Discontinuity: On the Texture of Mind' in The Journal of Gamsung, Vol. 2, Feb., Chunnam University. pp.5-37.
Major works
Major works
2003 Experience and Memory: Reading of Religious Culture, Dangdae
2006 Opening and Closing: An Humanistic Discourse of Religion, Sancheorum
2010 Honest Cognition and Open Imagination: For the Intellectual Description of Religious Culture, Chungneonsa