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Basic Infomation
Basic Infomation
Name Cha, Jae-Ho

of Term
2004-07-16 ~
Specialty Psychology (Social Psychology)
Degrees & Career
Degrees & Career
1952-1956 Department of Psychology, Seoul National University, B.A.
1956-1962 Graduate School, Seoul National University, MA in Psychology
1964-1967 Fulbright Student at University of Arizona, Tucson; MA in Psychology (Animal Psychology)
1966-1971 University of California at Los Angeles; Ph.D. in Psychology(Social Psychology)
1971 Lecturer, California State University of Los Angeles and California State College of Dominguez Hills
1973-1974 Senior Research Associate, Korean Institute for Research in the Behavioral Science, Seoul
1974 Temporary Advisor, World Health Organization (WHO), Geneva
1974-1999 Professor, Department of Psychology, Seoul National University
1977-78/ 80-82 President, Division of Social Psychology, Korean Psychological Association
1977-Present Board Member, Korean Social Sciences Research Council
1980-83/ 89-91 Chairman, Department of Psychology, Social Science College, Seoul National University
1982-83 President, Korean Psychological Association
1983-1984 Visiting Professor, University of California at Los Angeles
1986-1988 Director, Student Guidance Center, Seoul National University
2004-Present Member, The National Academy of Sciences, R.O.K.
Major Articles
Major Articles
1994 Panoramic social psychology. In Sung Jin Lee (Ed.), The lines in Korean pedagogy. (pp. 417-440). Seoul: Nanam Press.
1994 Changes in value, belief, and behavior of Koreans over the past 100 years. Korean Journal of Psychology: Social, 8, 40-58. (in Korean)
1994 Aspects of individualism and collectivism in Korea. In Uichol Kim, Harry C. Triandis, Sang-Chin Choi, & Gene Yoon (Eds.), Individualism and collectivism: Theory, method, and application. Chapter 10. (pp. 157-174). NY: Sage.
1994 Psychology in Korea. In Raymond J. Corsini, (Ed.), Encyclopedia of psychology, 2nd ed. Vol. 3. (pp. 202-204). NY: Wiley.
2006 Effects of repeat experience of an event on the perception of episode duration. Journal of the National Academy of Sciences-Korea (Humanities and Social Science Series), 45, 1-32. (in Korean)
2007 Experiments on the origin of the scale-end shrinkage phenomenon in equal-appearing intervals method. Korean Journal of Psychology, 26(1), 23-57. (With Kim Soo Yong) (in Korean)
Major works
Major works
1987 Lab exercises for social psychological experiment. Seoul: Bobmoonsa. (in Korean)
1994 Psychology of culture design. Seoul: Seoul National University Press. 351p. (in Korean)
1995 Cha, J. H. & Na, E. Y. (translators). Culture and organizations: Software of the mind. (by Hofstede). Seoul: Hakjisa.