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Basic Infomation
Basic Infomation
Name Oh, Byung Nam

of Term
2005-07-15 ~
Specialty Aesthetics
Degrees & Career
Degrees & Career
1959-1963 Graduated from the Department of Aesthetics, College of Liberal arts and Sciences, Seoul National University
1963-1965 Department of Aesthetics, Graduate School, Seoul National University (M.A.)
1970.3-2006.2 Professor, Seoul National University
1983-1985 Graduate work, Department of Philosophy, Graduate School, University of Illinois at Chicago, U.S.A.
1990-2000.12 Chairman, The Korean Society of Aesthetics
1993-2000.12 Delegate of Korea, The International Association for Aesthetics
Major Articles
Major Articles
1976 On the problem of definition of the term of "art", Journal of the Humanities, No.1. College of the Humanities, Seoul National University, pp.161-179.
1978 A research in the backgrounds of modern aesthetics, Mihak, vol.5. The Korean Journal of Aesthetics, pp.55-96
1985 Beauty: its word, concept and theory, Philosophical Research, vol.20. The Korean Association of Philosophy, pp.189-216
1991 The nature of art, is it possible to define it, Arts and Culture Research, vol.8. Institute for Arts and Culture Research, pp.211-251
2008 The concept of sublimity in Kant's aesthetic theory, Journal of the National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Korea. vol.47, No.1, pp.1-48
Major works
Major works
1999 A study in impressionism, Yejeonsa.
2003 Lectures on aesthetics, Seoul National University Press
2007 Art as understood from the point of aesthetics, Wolganmisoolsa coauthored