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Basic Infomation
Basic Infomation
Name Lee, Sung Jin

of Term
2007-07-13 ~
Specialty Educational Psychology, Behavior Analysis
Degrees & Career
Degrees & Career
1957 Graduated from Seoul National University(B.A.)
1963-1967 Studied at the University of Kanasas(Ph.D.)
1968 Certified Psychologist, State of Kansas, U.S.A.
1970-1999 Professor, College of Education, Seoul National University
1972-1975 President, the Korean Educational Psychology Association
1974-Present President, Korean Institute for Research in the Behavioral Sciences (KIRBS)
1983-1985 President, Korean Counselors Association
1988 Certified Counseling Psychologist, Korean Psychological Association
1996-1998 Member, The Presidential Commission on Educational Reform
1999 President Award (Aug. 1999)
1999-Present Professor Emeritus, Seoul National University
2000-2002 President, The Korean Society for the Applied Behavior Analysis
2005 National Academy of Sciences (Sept. 2007)
2007-Present Member, the National Academy of Sciences
Major Articles
Major Articles
1969 Meaning of applied behavior analysis. J. of Ed. Research (Vol. 7, #2)
1970 Reinforcement Theory & behavior change. Research Bulletin (Vol. 3, #2)
1985 Process of behavior counseling. Changing Society & Growing Youth, (Korea Counseling Association)
1992 How to enrich thinking power. J. of Ed. Research (Vol. 30, #4)
1996 Academic characteristics of educational psychology & J. Ed. Psychology. (Vol. 10, #1)
Major works
Major works
1985 Introduction to Educational Psychology, Gyoyukkwahaksa.
1999 President Award (Aug. 1999)
2001 Behavior Modification, Gyoyukkwahaksa.
2005 National Academy of Sciences (Sept. 2007)
2005 Growing up in Korea, Gyoyukkwahaksa.