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Basic Infomation
Basic Infomation
Name Lee, Kyung Shik

of Term
2004-07-16 ~
Specialty English Literature
Degrees & Career
Degrees & Career
1955-1960 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Seoul National University (B.A.)
1961-1963 Graduate School, Seoul National University (M.A.)
1963-1964 University of Leeds (Postgraduate Diploma in English Studies)
1965-2001 Professor, Seoul National University.
1974-1975 Harvard-Yenching Visiting Scholar, Harvard University
1975-1976 British Council Visiting Scholar, Cambridge University
1976(9-12) British Council Visiting Scholar, Oxford University
1985-1987 Dean of Academic Affairs, Seoul National University
1987-1988 Visiting Scholar, Cambridge University
1990 Graduate School, Sogang University (Ph.D.)
1990-1992 President, The Shakespeare Association, Korea
1998 Translation Award
1999(7-9) Visiting Scholar, Cambridge University
1999.10-2000.1 Honorary Fellow, The Huntington Library, California
2001-Present Professor Emeritus, Seoul National University
2003 'May 16' National Award, 'The National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Korea' Award
Major Articles
Major Articles
1966 ‘An Examination of the Consistency of Shakespeare's Presentation of Prince Hal/King Henry V', Essays on English And American Literature in Honour of Prof. Joongwhi Kwon, pp. 192-328.
1977 'A Study on the Compositors of Shakespeare First Folio', The Journal of English Language and Literature, No. 64 (The Association of English Language and Literature), pp. 15-42.
1990 'On Literary Influence', The Shakespeare Review, No. 17 pp.27-52.
2000 'Problems of Shakespeare's Spellings and Spelling Modernization', The History of English, No. 9(Korea Society for the History of the English Language)
2006 'Establishing Shakespeare's Text', Humanities and Social Science Series, (Journal of The National Academy of Sciences Republic of Korea,) pp. 33-113.
Major works
Major works
1980 A Bibliographical and Textual Introduction to Shakespeare. Seoul National University Press, 609pp.
2002 A History of Shakespearian Criticism, 2 Vols. Seoul National University Press, [Vol. I, 808pp.; Vol. II, 1127pp.]
2005 Shakespeare Studies. Essays Biblio-Textual and Literary. Seoul National University