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Basic Infomation
Basic Infomation
Name Cha, Ha Soon

of Term
2002-07-12 ~
Specialty European Intellectual History
Degrees & Career
Degrees & Career
1950-1956 College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Seoul National University (BA)
1956-1958 Graduate School, Seoul National University (MA)
1961-1994 Professor, Sogang University
1965-1969 Graduate School, Brandeis University, USA (MA, PhD)
1977 Academic Dean, Sogang University
1978-1979 Fulbright Advanced Scholar(University of Chicago and Cornell University)
1982-1984 President, Korean Historical Association
1986 Korean National Academy Prize
1987-1989 Dean, College of Liberal Arts, Sogang University
1989-1991 Senior Executive Vice-President, Sogang University
1992-1994 Director, Humanities Research Institute, Sogang University
1994-2003 Trustee, Sogang University Corporation
1994-Present Professor Emeritus, Sogang University
1999-Present President, Korean National Committee of Historical Sciences
2003 Sungkok Academic and Cultural Prize
2008 Inchon Prize
2008-2011 Director, Division of the Humanities and Social Sciences (National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Korea)
2009 “The Condition and Limits of Contemporary History” on September 12 at the University of Tokyo (Hongo Campus), on the occasion of the Bureau meeting of the CISH (International Committee of Historical Sciences).
2010 “Is Reconciliation Possible At All?
Major Articles
Major Articles
1959 A Study of Desiderius Erasmus (Western History Review 2:13-59)
1970 An Examination of John Locke's Political Thought (Western History Review 11: 1-16)
1972 Social Thought in the Encyclopedia (Korean Historical Review 53·54: 179-239)
1975 D'Holbach's Social Equity (Korean Historical Review 66: 107-143)
1978 Historical Relativism in Contemporary Historiography (Korean Historical Review 80: 91-149)
1980 Problems and Method of Contemporary History (Contemporary History 1: 30-48)
1988 The Method of Comparative History (Western History Review 31: 81-108)
1991 Intellectual Consistency in Collingwood (Western History Review 37: 1-16)
1999 The Age of Paradox: the 20th Century (Western History Review 62: 5-27)
2007 The Condition of a New Global History (Western History Review 92: 255-269)
2011 Is reconciliation feasible at all?(Historical Reflection and Reconciliation after World War II
Major works
Major works
1973 Society and Thought of the Renaissance (Tamgudang Publishers)
1974 The Understanding of History (Tamgudang Publishers)
1981 The Meaning of History (Hongsungsa Press)
1983 A Study of Equity (Ilchogak Publishing)
1994 Contemporary Historical Thought (Tamgudang Publishers)
2000 New Revised : A Survey of Western History. 2 vols. (Tamgudang Publishers)
2007 The Nature and Perception of History. New rev. edn. (Hakyoun-sa Publishers)
2008 The Making of Historians: Japan and Korea (co-ed.) (University of Tokyo Press)
2013 Korean Contemporary History(co-authored)(Sejong University Press)