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Basic Infomation
Basic Infomation
Name Lee, Ki-Suk

of Term
2005-07-15 ~
Specialty Human Geography
Degrees & Career
Degrees & Career
1959-1963 Graduated from College of Education, Seoul National University
1966-1968 M.A. from Graduate School of Education, Seoul National University
1970-1977 M.A. and Ph.D. from Graduate School, University of Minnesota, USA
1977-1980 Assistant and Associate Professor, Ewha Womans University
1980-1985 Assistant and Associate Professor, Seoul National University
1985-2006 Professor, Seoul National University
1991-1993 President of The Korea Section of Regional Science Association
1994-2011 Korean Delegate for United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names
1999-2000 President of The Korean Urban Geographical Society
2001-2003 President of The Korean Geographical Society
2005-2009 President, The Society for East Sea
Major Articles
Major Articles
1997 “The Emerging Multicenters and its Global Implications in the City of Seoul, Korea," The Journal of Korean Geographical Society 32.3, 311-328.
1998 The Role of Hunchun Border City in China, GeoJournal 44.3, 249-257.
1999 The Historical Precedent for the Geographical Name of 'East Sea(Sea of Japan)' The Virginia Geographer: Journal of the Virginia Geographical Society, 30-1/2, 13-28.
2003 Seoul's Urban Growth in the 20th Century: From a Pre-modern City to a Global Metropolis, Seoul, Twentieth Century: Growth & Change of the Last 100 Years, Seoul Development Institute, 29-97.
2009 Locational Characteristics and Geographical Environment of Former Capital Regions in the Early Balhae Period (AD 698-756), Journal of The National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Korea Humanities and Social Science Series, V.48 No.1, 123-168.
Major works
Major works
1980 A Geographical Study of Korean Settlement and City (edited by Ki-Suk Lee and others, 1980, Pochinchae, Korea)
2005 Landuse Changes in Major Industrial Regions and New Open Areas for Foreign Investment in North Korea(Hwang, Man-ik and Ki-Suk Lee, 2005, Seoul National Universty Press)
2009 A Historical Development of Korean Cartography(edited by Ki-Suk Lee and other, 2009, National Geographic Information Institute, Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs)