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Basic Infomation
Basic Infomation
Name Lee, Jung Bock

of Term
2007-07-13 ~
Specialty Contemporary Korean Politics
Degrees & Career
Degrees & Career
1963-1967 Department of Political Science, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Seoul National University (B.A.)
1967-1969 Department of Political Science, Graduate School, Seoul National University (M.A.)
1970-1979 Department of Political Science, Graduate School, University of Washington, Seattle (Ph.D.)
1980-1981 Assistant Professor, The Institute of Foreign Affairs & National Security, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Korea
1981-2010 Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor, Department of Political Science, Seoul National University
1990-1991 Visiting Lecturer, Department of Political Science, University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
1992-1995 Director, University Newspaper, Seoul National University
1995-1999 Director, The Institute of Korean Political Studies, Seoul National University
1999-2001 President, The Korean Association for Contemporary Japanese Studies
2002-2003 President, The Korean Political Science Association
2010-Present Professor Emeritus, Department of Political Science and International Relations, Seoul National University
Major Articles
Major Articles
1982 “Social Classes and Political Culture in Korea,
Major works
Major works
1985 The Political Character of the Japanese Press, Seoul National University Press
1997 Political Problems of Korea, Seoul National University Press
2011 Analyzing & Understanding Korean Politics, 4th Edition, Seoul National University Press