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Basic Infomation
Basic Infomation
Name Yoon, Ki Jung

of Term
2001-07-13 ~
Specialty Economics
Degrees & Career
Degrees & Career
1956 Graduated from Department of Economics, Yonsei University
1956-1958 Studied at Graduate School, Yonsei University (Master's degree in Economics, 1968)
1961-1968 Assistant Professor, Hanyang University
1968-1997 Professor, Yonsei University
1977-1979 President, The Korean Statistical Association
1990-1992 Dean, College of Business and Economics, Yonsei University
1991-1992 President, The Korean Economic Association
1997-Present Professor Emeritus, Yonsei University
1999 Awarded Samil Cultural Prize
Major Articles
Major Articles
1977 "Income Inequaility in Korea", Journal of the Korean Statistical Society, Vol.6, No.1, pp.34-46.
1980 "Income Inequality and Economic Growth since 1960s", Kyong Je Hak Yon Gu, Vol.28, pp.9-24.
1986 "Literature Survey: Economic Growth and Income Inequality", Yonsei Business Review, Vol.23, No.1, pp.25-40.
1986 "Welfare Indices by Dalton and Atkinson's Method", Yonsei Business Review, Vol.23, No.2, pp.26-36.
1994 "Inequality Decomposition by Factors", Yonsei Economic Studies, Vol.1, pp.5-37.
Major works
Major works
1974 Mathematical Statistics (in Korean), Bakyoungsa
1997 Inequality of Korean Economy (in Korean), Bakyoungsa
2005 Petty's Economics (translated to Korean and edited), Bupmunsa