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Basic Infomation
Basic Infomation
Name Jeong, Ki-Jun

of Term
2006-07-14 ~
Specialty Economics
Degrees & Career
Degrees & Career
1960-1964 BE, Department of Economics, Seoul National University
1964-1966 ME, Department of Economics, Seoul Nationsal University
1968-2006 Instructor, Assistant Professor, through Professor. SNU
1973-1976 Ph.D in Economics, Claremont Graduate University, USA
1985-1987 Chairman of the Economics Department, SNU
1986-1989 Director General, The Korean Econometric Society
1987-1995 Member of the Standing Committee, FEM, Econometric Society
1989-1990 Director General, The Korean Economic Society
1989-1991 Co-Chair, The Far-Eastern Meetings of the Econometric Society
1991-1993 Director of the Institute of Economic Research, SNU
2004 Dasan Economics Award, Hangook Kyeongje Shinmun
2006- Professor Emeritus, SNU
2006- Member of the National Academy of Sciences, ROK
Major Articles
Major Articles
1976 "An Investigation of the Power of Some Classical Tests in Econometrics," Claremont Graduate School,
1982 “Direct and Indirect Requirements: A Correct Economic Interpretation of the Hawkins-Simon Conditions,” Journal of Macroeconomics, Summer
1985 “A Partial Adjustment Model of Interrelated Prices and Wages with Its Applications to Korea and Japan.” The Institute of Developing Economies, Japan,
1985 "A New Approximation of the Critical Point of the Durbin-Watson Test for Serial Correlation," Econometrica, 53-2,
2011 “Interactions Between Demographic and Economic Transitions--A Search for a Universal Pattern," International Economic Association, Beijing
Major works
Major works