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Basic Infomation
Basic Infomation
Name Yoo, Jang-Hee

of Term
2007-07-13 ~
Specialty Economics
Degrees & Career
Degrees & Career
1972-1976 Professor of Economics, Clark University
1976-1988 Professor of Economics, Virginia Commonwealth University (tenured)
1985-1986 Visiting Professor of Economics, Seoul National University
1988-1989 President, Korea Institute for International EconomicPolicy (KIEP)
1988-2006 President, APEC Studies Association of Korea
1988-Present Executive Editor, Journal of Asian Economics and Board Member, American Committee on Asian Economic Studies
1992-1997 Member of Presidential Council on Science and Technology
1993-1995 Member of Eminent Persons Group, APEC
1994-1996 President, Korea Association of Negotiation Studies
1995-1997 Dean, Graduate School of International Studies, Ewha Womans University
1999-2000 Chairman, APEC Knowledge-Based Economy Task Force
2000-2002 Chairman, Advisory Committee, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
2001- Chairman, Policy Evaluation Committee, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
2001-2002 President, Korean International Economic Association
2003-2004 President, Korean Economic Association
2004-2006 Vice President, Ewha Womans University
2004-2008 Chairman, the Advisory Council of National Assembly Budge Office, National Assembly
2006-Present Emeritus Professor, Ewha Womans University
2009-Present President, East Asian Economic Association
2010-2011 Vice Chairman, National Economic Advisory Council, Presidential Office
Major Articles
Major Articles
1985 "Does Korea Trace Japan's Footsteps? A Macroeconomic Appraisal" KYKLOS, Vol.28, Fase.4, pp.578-598
1986 "Inflationary Expectations, Endogenous Money in Economic Growth" Journal of Macroeconomics, pp.337-353, Summer
1987 "Role of Money as a Conduit of Savings and Investment on The UDC's", KYKLOS, Vol.30, Fase.3, pp.520-525
2003 "The Asian Economic Community in APEC: Catalyst or Diluent?", International Studies Review, Vol.4, No.1-2, pp.1-16
2005 "Misguided Economic Education in Korean Schools", Korea Focus, Vol.13, No.6, pp.18-20
Major works
Major works
1975 Macroeconomic Theory, McGraw-Hil coauthored with Ott & Ott
1999 Real Success, Financial Fall: A Reassessment of the Korean-Dynamism, Ewha Press
2002 The Post-Financial Crisis: Challenge for Asian Industrialization, JAI Press-Elsovier coauthored with R. Hooley